SilverShield Control

The SilverShield Control is an Android App, that can be used to control the SIS-PMS.

The SIS-PMS Silver Shield Programmable Power Outlet Strip is a power strip that can be controlled via USB.

You can find it on Gembird's homepage:

I use it myself to control the power of some devices in my home office, so that I can just turn them on when I want to use them.

The Silver Shield is connected to my server which is also acting as a NAS, TV recorder, DLNA server and scan server.
In order to save some power, I setup that I could remotely turn on/off the different devices whenever I needed them.
This is actually working very well with the driver from Gembird. The power control can be shared to any computer that installs the Gembird driver. (A password is set, so not everybody can use it )

My problem was that sometimes I didn't have a computer close by when I wanted to turn some of the devices on.
Ex. when you are in the TV room, and want to watch a movie you recorded on one of the external hard disks (That are turned off).

The solution was to walk to the home office and startup a computer, or login to the server and turn the power on.

Being tired of doing this every time I wanted to use this, I decided to create an App for my android phone.

BTW, the effect of grabbing your phone and turn on the light, certainly make some people look.